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Previous Cars  
Daimler Super V8 (X308) (1997) Sapphire with Ivory Interior. Sold (2002)
  Engine: K&N Air Element.
  Brakes: Standard.
  Suspension: Standard CATS electronic.
  Bodywork / Interior: Headlamp Wash, Ultra Blue Bulbs. 
  370 BHP + 387 lb/ft. 0-60 5.4 Sec. 155 MPH (Electronically Limited)
Daimler Double Six (X300) (1995) Sapphire with Oatmeal Interior. Sold (2001)
  Engine: Dual K&N Air Elements. 
  Brakes: Standard.
  Suspension: Standard.
  Bodywork / Interior: Headlamp power wash, power fold-back mirrors, face lifted to X308 specification with rear lights, front grille and headlights. Ultra blue bulbs. Traffic Master. Colour pilot GPS navigation, radar detector, Icom IC-706G-II communications.
  318 BHP + 368 lb/ft. 0-60 6.8 Sec. 155 MPH (Electronically Limited)
Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign (1987) Moreland Green. Sold (1999)
  221 BHP + 248 lb/ft. 0-60 8.8 Sec. 135 MPH.
Jaguar XJ12L (1979) Sh?t Brown with cream Leather.
  287 BHP + 325 lb/ft. 0-60 7.7 Sec. 138 MPH.
Jaguar 3.8 'S' Type (1964) Blue with Light Blue Leather Interior. Overdrive.
  220 BHP + 240 lb/ft. 0-60 11.5 Sec. 116 MPH.
Sierra Cosworth RS500 (1987) Black with Grey Velour Interior. Chassis 38603. Owned 1988 - 2002.
  Engine: 540 BHP Turbo Systems Group 'A' Specification. Low compression flat top pistons. High pressure / high capacity oil pump. Balanced and blueprinted. Big ported and polished cylinder head. BD15 inlet cam. BD14 exhaust cam. Kent vernier cam timing wheels. Double valve springs. Garret T04e race turbo with 360 degree thrust bearings. Inlet manifold matched to head. 8 grey fuel injectors. Alloy group 'A' dump valve. K&N cone air filter. Dual air injector boost control. MSD multi-spark-discharge ignition. Splitfire plugs. Pectel ECU controlling up to 36 PSI turbo boost. A straight through exhaust system was fabricated in stainless steel with 3.5" bore, 6.5" tail pipe and no silencers. Yes it WAS loud ! High pressure fuel pump. Front mounted 13 row oil cooler. 7 row turbo cooling radiator. RS500 intercooler. Steel braided hoses. Oil breather system and alloy catch tank.
  Brakes: AP four-pot mono-block race callipers with titanium pistons. AP grooved discs. 330x32mm front. 315x28mm rear. Hydraulic handbrake. Steel braided hoses. Dot 5 brake fluid.
  Suspension: Bilstein fully adjustable coil-over at each end. Awaiting conversion to centre-lock.
  Wheels & Tyres: RFX 16x7.5 with A008R 225/45/16 front. RFX 16x8.5 with A008R 245/45/16 rear. Wheels were obtained for fitting after the centre-lock conversion. They are OZ 5-spoke Magnesium bought from an ex-Le-Mans McLaren F1-GTR. 18x10.5 front and 18x14.5 rear. These would have been fitted with 265/35/18 and 335/30/18. The brakes were to be uprated to AP six pot fronts with 378x32mm and rear 355x32.
  Bodywork / Interior: The front was removed from the bulkhead forwards, leaving just the chassis rails. The bulkhead was cut and welded with a 4x4 air conditioning panel to allow fitment of the factory air conditioning system. All new double inner panels were welded in place. The front wings were replaced with items specially commissioned from Southdown Aero Services. These were taken from moulds of the original Gartrack hand beaten aluminium thunder saloon shell. The composition was a carbon fibre and Kevlar mix. The rear arches were cut away and replaced with rears from the above set. The original RS500 side skirts and wheel arch flips were then moulded back on over the Gartrack arches. The front and rear air dams were then stretched wider to fit the wings. The car is now approximately 10" wider. A 4-lamp rally spec lighting pod was then mounted on a quick release set-up on the bonnet. A full roll cage was fitted with diagonal and removable door bars. The shell was re-sprayed black by Ealing Ford. A front strut brace was fitted. Momo steering wheel. 36 PSI boost gauge with led showing air injector activation. Oil temperature gauge. Oil and fuel pressure gauge. Voltmeter. Sony stereo. Up-rated speakers. Aluminium pedals. AAAF extinguisher fitted.
Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X (1982) Silver with Grey Velour. This car died when a white van pulled out in front from a side turning without looking.
  Engine: 3.1 conversion with 2.9 crank, 92mm pistons. Balanced. Steel timing gear. High pressure oil pump. Big valve heads. Ported and polished. Fast road cam. Uprated valve springs. Raised compression. 10mm spark cables. Splitfire plugs. K&N air filter in open air box. Silencers removed and dual 3" tailpipe back box fitted. Janspeed full manifolds.
  Brakes: Black diamond drilled / grooved discs and up-rated pads. Grooved drums and up-rated shoes.
  Suspension. Lowered all round 2". Koni shocks and up-rated lowering springs front and rear.
  Bodywork / Interior: 3 telephone kits. Trafficmaster. Magellan GPS. MOMO steering wheel. Sony stereo. 800 watts additional amplification. 6x 6x9 three way speakers. Door mounted additional tweeters. 100 watt sub tube in boot. The Archers sounded great !
Ford Fiesta XR2 (1987) White with Grey Velour. Engine eventually died. I lost interest and gave it away !
  Engine: K&N, Fast road cam. Ashley full rally exhaust system and manifold.
  Brakes: Wilwood big and drilled disk conversion at front with relocated callipers and up-rated pads. Grooved drums with up-rated shoes.
  Suspension: Lowered all round. Up-rated springs and AVO dampers.
  Bodywork / Interior: Falling apart in the end ! Stereo and alarm fitted. Momo steering wheel. Aluminium pedals and gear knob. Day-glow yellow and red 'jam sandwich' lines. Sad really ....
Ford Probe 24V (1995) Silver Frost with Opal Grey Cloth.
  170 BHP + 165 lb/ft. 0-60 8.5 Sec. 137 MPH.
Ford Capri 2.8i (1983) Cardinal Red with Grey Velour - owned from new. This car died when hit from behind while stationary by a RAC flat-back truck with a car loaded! 
  Engine: K&N air element. Full Janspeed exhaust and manifolds. 
  Brakes: standard.
  Suspension: Koni struts.
  Bodywork / Interior: Grant styling kit. Side skirts. Rear apron. Two up / two down brackets with Cibie Super Oscar spots and Cibie Oscar fogs. Headlamp power  wash. 100w watt bulbs at front. Factory Capri turbo bi-plane rear wing. Colour coded grille, mirrors and lamp backs. Fitted deadlocks on doors and tailgate. Pioneer stereo and speakers. Zemco trip computer and cruise control.
  160 BHP + 162 lb/ft. 0-60 7.8 Sec. 130 MPH.
Lotus Elan+2 S130 (1972) White. Caught Fire and melted.
  126 BHP + 114 lb/ft. 0-60 7.4 Sec. 121 MPH.
Mini Cooper 'S' 1275 (?) Blue. Swedish specification. Bought for spares.
Mini Cooper 'S' 1275 (1963) Red with White Roof. 


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