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Current Cars Specification
Porsche 944 Turbo 250 (1990) Guards Red with Linen Leather & Sports Seats
Engine: K&N air filter on hard pipe directly in to the turbocharger (from GURU Racing stage 2 MAP Kit).

Lindsey Racing Super 75 Turbo (T04 67mm compressor, KKK #8 water cooled hot side). Remote turbo oil filter. Tial 50mm dump valve with #11 spring. Lindsey Racing stage II Intercooler.

Inlet manifold opened out, blended, matched to throttle body and cylinder head, inlet air temperature sensor installed, powder coated. Throttle body flowed and fitted with up rated seals. Custom hard pipes with charge air temperature sensors, powder coated.

CTM modified stage IV cylinder head. Big valve (48 vs. 45mm inlets). Titanium retainers. Ports enlarged and flowed. 5 angle seats. Cometic head gasket.

Modified Piper cam with higher lift. Vernier cam timing gear. Wolf cam sensor kit to trigger the engine management system and provide phase information.

Lindsey Racing engine management system comprising Wolf-3D v4+ engine management computer to replace the Bosch DME engine management computer and  J&S Ultra safeguard knock control computer to replace Bosch KLR knock control. Wolf-3d programmer / monitor mounted in centre console. RandomEMS cam sensor timing kit. Wideband O2 sensor & PLX 200 data converter. J&S knock display.

72lb/hr injectors running with sequential injection. Lindsey Racing up rated fuel pump. Lindsey Racing billet fuel rail,  pressure gauge, vacuum kit, adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Laust vacuum manifold.

Hayward & Scott stainless steel exhaust. 3" bore. 5" tailpipe or dual 4" dual rear tailpipe with no silencers - interchangeable. Catalytic converter removed. Tial F46mm dual port waste gate dumping to atmosphere

Lindsey Racing remote additional oil cooler kit. Lindsey Racing remote oil catch tank. Vapour purge delete. Billet oil filter with 8 micron cartridge.

Unique fully sequential ignition. The Wolf-3d provides 4 sequential ignition channels (one per cylinder). This feeds a custom 4-channel version of the J&S Ultra Safeguard that controls knock retard on a per cylinder basis by up to 10 degrees. The J&S then feeds an MSD DIS-4 4 channel ignition driver that provides up to 20 degrees burn up to 3000 RPM. This drives the individual ignition coils mounted directly on the spark plugs. The result is a 45 KV spark that is almost plasma like.

Aeroquip piping on wastegate control.  Calcium battery 700 / 130 Amp. Quick shift gear change. Magnetec oil. Swepco gearbox / diff oil. Air conditioning updated to R134a. Lindsey Racing SUPERMOUNT engine mounts.

Brakes: Front 993TT big red callipers & 993 C2 turbo 3.6 322mm  x-drilled discs. Rear M030 968 x-drilled discs & 4 pot callipers. Braided brake hoses. Castrol SRF fluid. EBC Red Ceramic pads all round.
Suspension: M030. Lindsey Racing Spherical castor mounts. Lindsey Racing spherical adjustable camber top mounts. 1.5 degrees negative camber front and rear. Strut brace. Wheels - Porsche 2002 Carrera 5 spoke (genuine). Front 8.5 x 18". Rear 10 x 18". Pirelli P-Zero Rosso  tyres. Front 245 40 ZR18 97Y. Rear 285 30 ZR18 N4. 7mm spacers at rear.
Bodywork / Interior: Plasma headlamp bulbs 170/160w. Drive/Fog lamps fitted with Xenon Plasma bulbs. Iceshark heavy duty lighting loom. Alternator fitted with adjustable regulator - 0.5v higher voltage. 'Flamingeye' LED instrument cluster illumination.

MOMO steering wheel on removable boss.  Charge air temperature gauge to measure temperature in / out of the intercooler with cross-needles. Auto Meter 20 PSI boost gauge and EGT (exhaust gas temperature) pyrometer. Custom 'A' pillar gauge pod to take boost gauge, charge air temperature gauge and exhaust gas temperature gauge. Link Electronics air/fuel illuminated gauge fed by wide-band O2 sensor & PLX200 data converter. Alpine M700R 7" LCD / Amp / RDS Radio / Mini-disc / 12 Disc CD Player. Alpine TU-12 TV Tuner. Alpine NV-077P DVD Satellite Navigation. Alpine TMC/RDS traffic interface for the DVD / GPS navigation system. Porsche symphony speaker package. Bel Vector LR Radar Detector, Morpheous Road Pilot. VHS Video Player. DVD / MP3 player. Icom IC706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF transceiver & scanner.

Lindsey Racing dual NACA ducted vented N/S headlamp covert to feed cold air to inlet air filter. Porsche 931 bonnet & vented badge panel (924 Turbo)

Blitz Boost Controller SBC-iD II: Sequential boost control & mapping. Dual solenoid controller. Four programmable boost maps. Over-boost warning and limiter. Digital display with boost curve shown graphically. Peak hold display. Data can be recorded and replayed. Three additional inputs that can be scaled and formatted, currently monitoring water temperature, oil pressure and battery voltage.

Blitz Power Meter i-D II: Displays speed and power in digital and graphical form. Peak speed and power hold. Six sets of data can be stored and replayed. Timing for 0-50, 0-100, 1/8, 1/4 and 1 mile plus metric equivalents. Chassis dynamometer with real time digital, graphical and data-logged display.

G-Tech RR performance analyser.

HKS CAMP: In-car data logger and display module. Uses the 7" display in the Alpine. Can display two virtual analogue meters chosen from speed, revs, fuel (cc/min), injector duty cycle, EGT (exhaust gas temperature), oil temperature, AFR (air/fuel ratio), manifold (boost) pressure and vacuum. All of the above are logged and can be downloaded to laptop serial port or directly from the 1 MB SD-RAM card, which allows about 48 minutes of log data to be accumulated.. Graphical display can plot any parameter against any other, such as RPM / Boost for accurate boost mapping. Digital display mode shows all parameters simultaneously as bars. Rolling chassis power loss calculation and PS power display. Fuel economy display in real-time. Trip logger with five memories and statistical analysis. Alarm modes can be set with user defined trigger conditions.

Works currently in progress: TBA !!
403.7 BHP + 360 lb/ft  0-60 <5.0 Sec. ~17x MPH
Porsche 944S (1987) Guards Red with Black Pinstripe Interior & Sports Seats
Engine: K&N Cone air filter. Blitz performance chip. Calcium Battery 170/700 Amp. ESS dual 3" exit rear exhaust system.
Brakes: 952 calipers all round. Rebuilt with new seals. Cross drilled brake discs all round. EBC RED ceramic pads. Braided hoses. Castrol SRF racing fluid.
Suspension: Standard. Design 90's from my 951. Front 7x16 225 50 ZR16 Contisport N1. Rear 9x16 245 45 ZR16 Contisport N1.
Bodywork / Interior: Plasma headlamp bulbs 170/160w. MOMO steering wheel on removable boss. Kenwood 463 front speakers. Kenwood 467 rear speakers. DAB radio / CD
Factory option codes:  164 288 341 383 387 404 418 423 425 431 441 526 528 593 650 651 657 666 990
Works currently in progress: LR adjustable fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail pressure gauge. Track-day wheels - Front 7.5x17 205 55 17 Michelin Pilot SX. Rear 9x17 255 40 17 Michelin Pilot SX. Strut brace.
192 BHP + 150 lb/ft. 0-60 7.3 Sec. 145 MPH.
Daimler Super V8 R (X308) (2002) Anthracite with Ivory Interior. Owned from New.
Engine: Standard (less than 4,000 miles)
Brakes: Brembo 4 pot Callipers with 355x32mm & 330x28mm Drilled Discs. Braided  Hoses.
Suspension: Standard CATS electronic.
Bodywork / Interior: 19" x 8.5" BBS Montreal with Pirelli P-Zero Asymetrico 255/35/19. Headlamp power wash, plasma headlamp bulbs.
370 BHP + 387 lb/ft. 0-60 5.4 Sec. 155 MPH (Electronically Limited)

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