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Title Description Format Click Here
Cotswold 2003 What happened when we got stuck behind the steam rally on the PCGB Cotswold Rally 2003 - last engine to go ... 5 Mb, .mpg Video\cotswold2003.mpg
944 Turbo Advert Release commercial for the 944 Turbo 2 Mb, .mpg Video\944_turbo_commercial.mpeg
In Car - 1 Low resolution with sound 0:34 - leaving a 968 5.9 Mb, .mpg In Car 1
In Car - 2 Low resolution with sound 0:20 - short boost run 3.3 Mb, .mpg In Car 2
In Car - 3 Low resolution with sound 0:46 - getting wet in a 944 Cabriolet 7.3 Mb, .mpg In Car 3
In Car - 4 Low resolution with sound 1:45 - acceleration 15.6 Mb, .mpg In Car 4
In Car - 5 Low resolution with sound 3:46 - 944 convoy 32.7 Mb, .mpg In Car 5
In Car - 6 Low resolution with sound 0:52 - acceleration 7.4 Mb, .mpg In Car 6
In Car - 7 Low resolution with sound 5:10 - instruments 43.4 Mb, .mpg In Car 7
Chasing_944 Low resolution with sound 0:32 - Chasing another 944 - Prodrive to Silverstone 8th June 2005 1.4 MB WMV chasing_944
Turbot_Dyno Low resolution with sound 0:57 - Dyno plots showing the AFR problem with the AFM Link 2.0 MB WMV Turbot_Dyno_2
Turbot_Loch_Ness High resolution with sound 5:09 - Driving alongside Loch Ness following 924S and 944's 56.9 MB WMV Loch_Ness_1
More_944 Low resolution with sound 0:27 - More 944's - Prodrive to Silverstone 8th June 2005 1.2 MB WMV More_944
Inside Turbot High Resolution with sound - 0:44 - following another 944 45.1 MB MPG Turbot_1
Turbot following 924S Med Resolution with sound 9:14 - Following 924S through Scotland 105.6 MB WMV Scotland following 924S
Wolf-3D High resolution with sound 5:53 65 MB WMV Wolf-3D
Turbot On Dyno Low Resolution with sound 1:30 - Turbot ready for power run at Weltmeister Silverstone - instrumentation and Wolf-3D map program 15.6 MB MPEG WUF on dyno_L
Fen Coull at Silverstone Low Resolution with sound 1:28 - Fen's Turbo at Silverstone Track Day 24/08/05 17.8 MB MPEG Fen 240805_L
Fen Coull at Silverstone HIGH Resolution with sound 1:28 - Fen's Turbo at Silverstone Track Day 24/08/05 102 MB MPEG Fen_240805 LARGE FILE
944S following Fen Low Resolution with sound 1:22 - Rick's 944S following Fen's Turbo after Silverstone Track evening 14.3 MB MPEG 944S following Fen
PCGB Track Incident HIGH Resolution with sound 0:24 - Being undertaken at Druids by white 911 24 MB MPG PCGB_TRACK_1_HR
PCGB Track Incident LOW Resolution with sound 0:24 - Being undertaken at Druids by white 911 1.1 MB MPG PCGB_TRACK_1_LR
PGGB Parade Laps HIGH Resolution with sound 2:54 - 2 parade laps of Brands Hatch taken with onboard video camera inside 'baby WUF' 944S 90 MB AVI PCGB_TRACK_1_HR
Hastings 2005 HIGH Resolution with sound 1:13 - Informal 944 Gathering for a trip along the south coast 38 MB MPG Hastings 2005
WUF Dyno HIGH Resolution with Sound 0:55 - WUF on the Dyno at Weltmeister on 13th February 2006 206,944 MB AVI WUF on the Dyno 130206
MSD Spark Med resolution with sound 0:37 - MSD spark from DIS-4 and coil on plug before installation in WUF 13,671 KB AVI MSD_sparkplug.avi
WUF Coil On Plug Med resolution with sound 0:16 - WUF running coil on plug ignition - first run 3,746 KB MPG WUF_COP_1.mpg
WUF Coil On Plug med resolution with sound 0:56 - WUFrunning coil on plug ignition with fully sequential ignition 32,481 KB AVI WUFCOP2.avi
WUF Coil On Plug high resolution with sound 0:56 - WUFrunning coil on plug ignition with fully sequential ignition 99,178 KB AVI WUFCOP3.avi
944 Ring - 1 Video taken from the rear of Dave Malings 944 - Taken from 106.8 MB WMV Dave Malings 944 - rear
944 Ring - 2 In-car video of Dave Malings Nordschleife 8.36 BTG lap - taken from 99.0 MB WMV Dave Malings - 8.36 Ring Lap
944 at 313 KPH Rennlister Konstantin runs his 3.0 944 Turbo up to an indicated 313 KPH on the Autobahn. 19.3 MB MPG 944 at 313 KPH
GT2-RS Ring Medium Resolution with Sound - Nordschleife in a GT2-RS 12.4 MB WMV Nordschleife GT2-RS
MPH05 Flying Car Med Resolution with sound 2:37 - MPH'05 NEC Birmingham 11/11/05 Flying Honda 9.2 MB WMV MPH05 flying car.wmv
MPH05 Helicopter Med Resolution with sound 2:33 - MPH'05 NEC Birmingham 11/11/05 Helicopter Gunship 5.8 MB WMV MPH05 Gun Ship.wmv
944 Review 5th gear's Tiff Nedell gets nostalgic about the 944 Turbo 2:48 18.5 MB AVI 944 Review
Supercar Sunday Supercar Sunday '06 Convoy run up the M40 from Lamborghini High Wycombe to Gaydon  68.6 MB AVI scs06_2.avi
Tunnel Run East London Tunnel Run. 944GT followed by Aston-Martin DB9  24.8 MB AVI tunnel_run_1.avi
LIL Dyno Run #1 Paul Smith's 3.2 944 Turbo first dyno run at Weltmeister 11th Jan 07  duration 0:45 DVD Quality 34.75 MB MPG LIL WRC0107.mpg
Porsche RS 8th Annual Porsche RS day at Oulton Park 67,039 KB, WMV Oulton_Park_RS_Day_2008.wmv
  RS500 Cosworth    
Exhaust note My RS500 exhaust note. Just before the car was stripped for big arch conversion 13.8 MB MPG Video\rs500_exhaust.mpg
Runway Running in at Bruntingthorpe. Only running 18 PSI. Eventual boost when run in was 35 PSI 29.9 MB MPG Video\rs500_runway.mpg
Speed Run Shakey camera inside during power run at 18 PSI during running in. 154 MPH. 20.5 MB MPG Video\rs500_speed run.mpg


Cosworth videos were originally on Video-8 format, transferred on to mini-DV. Later videos are shot on a Sony TRV-900E DV or Sony DCR-HC42E camera. Editing and composition in Pinnacle Studio-8.



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