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"That" e-bay Porsche watch ...

The hands and major numerals are paint - not luminous. The strap is very thin. The hands are very 'pressed tin' in appearance. I don't think it will take too much shock ... I haven't dare wear it in place of the Breitling yet ...

Another e-bay 78 special !

Below are pictures from a 1989 944S2 that has catastrophic break-up of the cam chain tensioner upper pad, the car was then driven ,with chain to metal contact as can be seen by looking at the top of the tensioner. Teeth then came off both cams as can be clearly seen. The dish contains some of the broken cam teeth and broken upper tensioner that were rescued from the head and sump. Other parts of the tension pad ended up in the oil pressure relief valve as can be seen, leading to no oil pressure. The oil pump drive gear has also got a deep score mark around it's circumference. Parts needed to complete the repair included 2 cams, chain, tensioner, oil pump drive, oil pressure relief valve seals, timing belts etc. A couple of oil changes are also needed to clear as much debris as possible.

The moral here - on 16v 944 vehicles (944S, 944S2) CHECK THE CHAIN / TENSIONER / CAMS REGULARLY. Note that this is not part of the Porsche service schedule !

Cams missing teeth

Some of the debris recovered from the head and sump

Timing chain tensioner having been driven after breakup

Oil pump drive gear shows deep scoring - probable cause of future oil leaks


Debris from tensioner stuck in oil pressure relief valve



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